IsraAID appoints new Co-CEOs

20 February, 2017

This month the Board of Directors is proud to announce that Navonel Glick (Voni) and Yotam Polizer have been appointed as the organization’s new Co-CEOs!

“After close to 6 years at IsraAID this appointment is a great honor and we are deeply touched by the confidence and trust placed in us by the Board.” They shared in a joint statement, “IsraAID’s work around the world is made possible thanks to the passion, compassion, and dedication of its many staff, volunteers, supporters, partners, and donors – people of all walks of life who hail from all over the world. Guided by their energy and diversity, and the organization’s core values of innovation, local ownership and sustainability, we will do our utmost to fulfill IsraAID’s mission and bring quality emergency aid and long-term support to communities in crisis around the world. Thank you and we look forward to working together.”

Board of Directors statement: We, the Board of Directors of IsraAID, are proud to announce the appointment of Mr. Yotam Polizer and Mr. Navonel Glick (Voni) as the new Co-Chief Executive Officers (Co-CEOs) of the organization, effective as of February 1st, 2017.

Navonel Glick has been working at IsraAID since 2011, and over the years has held many senior positions at both the headquarters and in the field, including notably leading humanitarian missions to Haiti, Kenya, the Philippines, Sierra Leone, and Iraq. In his capacity as Deputy Director CEO at the organization’s headquarters in Israel, his responsibilities include serving as the acting Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Chief Operating Officer (COO), coordinating all of the organization’s daily ongoing operations around the globe.

Yotam Polizer began his involvement with IsraAID in 2011 as well, leading the organization’s operations in Japan following the devastating earthquake and tsunami of that year. During his time in Japan, Yotam led emergency missions across the region and globe, notably in South Korea, Taiwan, Vanuatu, and Nepal, and was appointed Asia Regional Director in 2014. In recent years, within the framework of his extensive field work, Yotam is also in charge of the development of partnerships with government and non-governmental actors, fundraising for global operations, and operating IsraAID’s growing number of subsidiary organizations around the world.

During the past 3 months, we conducted a selection process that included extensive meetings with all senior staff, and interviews with potential candidates, and at the end of it the Board unanimously approved Voni and Yotam’s appointment.

The Board of Directors will continue to accompany the activities of the organization, and its managers, and together lead IsraAID as it embraces the challenges and many exciting opportunities ahead.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the entire IsraAID team, both in Israel and aboard – its staff, volunteers, donors and supporters, for their selfless dedication, professionalism, understanding and consideration for vulnerable populations around the world, and their trust in the leadership of the organization.

Good luck,

The Board of Directors:

Meira Aboulafia

Mully Dor

Ed Rettig

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Thank you Voni!