When the need is urgent, so is our response.


Our mission is to support people affected by humanitarian crisis. We partner with local communities around the world to provide urgent aid, assist in recovery, and reduce the risk of future disasters.


Founded in 2001 as a coalition of Israeli organizations working in disaster relief and international development, IsraAID has grown into an independent NGO and the largest humanitarian aid organization in Israel.

From earthquakes and hurricanes to epidemics and forced displacement, IsraAID has been at the forefront of responding to major humanitarian crises worldwide. We have worked in more than 50 countries and at any one time have around 300 staff members worldwide.


We collaborate with communities at the deepest level in an approach we call ‘Communities First’. The communities we work with supply local knowledge, experience, people-power, and tools. We deliver technologies, resources, and long-developed professional expertise (oftentimes from Israel, which has a lot of experience with trauma, water scarcity, and disaster relief and preparedness.)



We’re professional ‘can-doers’ who dive in head first. Whether it’s our water engineers, social workers, public health specialists, or emergency responders, our global team is made up of consummate humanitarian professionals – people who dedicate their lives to working with disaster-affected communities, restoring their futures, together as one.



We have frequent opportunities for dedicated humanitarian professionals to join our teams around the world. Click below to see our current vacancies and find out how to apply.



Follow the link below for professional resources, brochures and reports, and all of IsraAID’s financial documentation.

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What’s the best way to support IsraAID’s work?

Thank you for your interest in supporting IsraAID! There are a number of ways you can help, from donating and signing up to our newsletter, to hosting an event in your community, to sharing our work with your friends and family. Visit the Get Involved page to find out more.

Where does IsraAID work?

At the moment we have long-term programs in Colombia, Dominica, Guatemala, India, Kenya, Mozambique, South Sudan, Uganda, Ukraine, and Vanuatu.
In 2023, we are implementing additional emergency response programs in Ethiopia, Malawi, Moldova, Romania, and Türkiye.

Where do your staff come from?

Our global team is made up of humanitarian professionals from around the world, with a majority of each country office made up of national, locally-recruited staff members from the communities we work with.

How can I work for IsraAID?

Is IsraAID part of the Israeli government?

No, IsraAID is a non-governmental organization. We are not part of the Israeli government.

How do you decide where to work?

We constantly monitor ongoing and expected humanitarian crises and disasters. As we assess needs and decide whether to respond, there a number of factors we take into account, from our ability to contribute added value, to underlying and long-term needs, to our regional presence, and, of course, security. We always work alongside local partners, and every emergency response begins with a rapid needs assessment so that we can best understand how to support affected communities.