We respond. We collaborate. We commit.

Our expertise is grounded in experience.

When strong people the world over have their resilience tested by disasters and crises, IsraAID mobilizes and responds quickly. We collaborate with communities at the deepest level, regardless of politics, religion, and ethnicity, working together for as long as it takes. Since 2001, IsraAID has worked in emergency and long-term development settings in 55 countries.

Where We Currently Work:

Areas of expertise


We prioritize the psychological, emotional, and social needs of communities, both during an emergency and in the months and years that follow.


Our global education work focuses on disaster risk reduction, psychosocial support within education systems, and access to education.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

IsraAID’s water engineers and WASH specialists provide sustainable solutions in partnership with local communities around the world.

Health and Medical Care

IsraAID deploys medical teams after disasters and works to strengthen communities’ public health infrastructure.

Areas of activity

Emergency Response

We respond rapidly to disasters and emergencies around the world, working with affected people as they rebuild their lives, their communities, and their futures together.

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Recovery & Preparedness

We stay for as long as it takes, working with communities to recover, build resilience, and reduce the risk of future disasters.

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Refugees & Forced Migration

We are currently responding to the global displacement crisis on three continents by working with refugees and host communities.

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"COVID-19 gave me the opportunity to reflect on the true value of resilience, demonstrating that when we work together, the people of IsraAID can turn the impossible into reality."

Laura Di Castro, Regional Director, IsraAID


 “It’s a little hard to talk about positives from such a difficult situation, but I know that when this is over we will have post-traumatic growth and will have the chance to be a better world. This is now the time to help and share with others that are struggling. Some people might say that because of social distancing we become colder, but that is not always the case as I have seen people show their most humanitarian side in this situation. I know there is still a lot of need and we might not be able to solve it all, but we must always fight to show that there’s hope.”

Kevin Ordoñez Revolorio

Program Assistant, IsraAID Guatemala