Recovery & Preparedness

We think present. We plan for the future.

When a hurricane or earthquake hits a community, the immediate concern is saving lives. As the initial emergency subsides, the challenges become far greater. How can communities, governments, and humanitarians support long-term recovery and strengthen the resilience of individuals and communities?

From the start of our work with a community affected by crisis, our teams think strategically – together with the community – about how to support recovery and develop plans to reduce the risks of future disasters.

Whether it’s our disaster risk reduction programs, child protection models, or hygiene promotion campaigns, we build sustainable, practical, and realistic solutions that communities can believe in and embrace for the long term — solutions that tap into their inner reserves of strength and resilience to allow them to take back ownership of their lives and futures. From the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya to the hurricane-devastated island of Dominica, we’ve seen it happen time and time again across the world.



people reached through the Community Health Outreach Program in Kenya in 2023.


CFS facilitators were trained within the Ukraine in 2023.


Young people trained to deliver summer camps focused on climate resilience and adaptation in their communities across Dominica.

“This program came at the right time for me. It made me realize my potential and that I shouldn’t be scared about trying new things. I’ve learned so much. Every week was something different.”

Jemina, graduate of livelihoods program Work Online Dominica"


Building Migrants’ Livelihoods


IsraAID first arrived in Colombia in 2019 to support over a million displaced Venezuelans and has remained since, provide livelihoods, protection, medical, and educational opportunities for Venezuelans and host communities.

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Mental Health Services for all


Access to mental health services is a major challenge for people throughout Vanuatu. Coupled with a social and cultural stigma about mental health in general, many Ni-Vanuatu struggle to access the support they need, leaving many people hesitant to seek help.

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Palorinya Settlement


For refugee children from South Sudan and Ugandan children from the host community, long-term recovery relies on access to education and psychosocial support. IsraAID’s Child Friendly Space provides exactly that.

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14 April, 2024

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1 April, 2024

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PTG – post-traumatic growth

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