You can get involved.

Disasters can bring out the best in us

Disasters are a challenging part of life on earth. That’s just the way it is. But they’re countered by the beauty of people working shoulder-to-shoulder to rebuild hope amidst crisis. At IsraAID, we have one shared purpose: to help communities reclaim their future. Scroll down to find out how you can get involved and play your part.

Ways to Get Involved

IsraAID Speakers Bureau: Host A Speaker

Host an IsraAID speaker in your community! Hear first-hand stories from IsraAID’s work in the field and learn more about global humanitarian issues.

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Experiential Education Programs

IsraAID’s experiential education programs for children and young adults across the United States focus on global humanitarian issues.

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Better Together: Adopt an IsraAID Project

By joining Better Together and adopting an IsraAID project of your choice, your community can make a real difference.

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