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Learning how to make a difference

IsraAID U.S.’s educational resources focus on engaging students with broad principles of global humanitarianism, encouraging teens and young adults to think deeply about their obligations to the world.

IsraAID offers two educational programs designed by Israel’s leading experts in humanitarian aid. Using digital media, discussion, and experiential activities, they highlight IsraAID’s vital global work to engage students with social justice. Participants will broaden their understanding of current events, their own place in society, and their ability to effect change.

Fleeing Global Conflict: Designed to deepen understanding of the Global Refugee Crisis and foster empathy for displaced persons, this session focuses on IsraAID’s work with Middle Eastern refugees. It enables students to engage with the arduous journeys undertaken by refugees in search of safety and a better life. IsraAID provides suggestions for how educators can tailor the experience to their group, with options for different ages, lesson timings, and more.

Addressing Global Crises: Created to introduce basic concepts of post-disaster emergency response, deepen understanding of an affected community’s needs, and develop problem-solving skills, this program gives teens a taste of real-world crisis management experience.

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“My students shared that they gained a much deeper understanding of the plight of refugees, felt more empathy towards them, and felt pride that Israel is doing so much to help people in need.”

Rebecca Berger

Teacher, Alice & Nahum Lainer School

Los Angeles, CA

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