Palorinya Settlement

Every kid deserves a childhood

With more than 120,000 displaced people calling Uganda’s Palorinya Refugee Settlement home, child protection issues are a major concern. Ensuring children have access to education and support is crucial to the long-term prospects of these communities.

Arriving in northern Uganda in 2015, IsraAID’s team has worked within Palorinya settlement since its establishment in 2016, specializing in strengthening community-based child protection challenges within the refugee settlement. One of the biggest challenges that children affected by conflict face is being deprived of childhood experiences.

IsraAID Uganda currently runs two Child-Friendly Spaces (CFS), which aim to provide a protective environment in which children can participate in organized activities to play, socialize, learn, and express themselves as they rebuild their lives. Activities are developed to raise awareness of protection-related issues, to provide psychosocial support, and to strengthen social cohesion among children and between communities.


“The CFS has good facilitators who listen to our challenges and encourage us to work hard. We are engaged in storytelling, dance, and music, which help us to forget what we went through during the war. Before the CFS was opened, I had no place to spend my free time, and spent a lot of time thinking about my parents who died before reaching Uganda. With the establishment of the CFS I am occupied and have made new friends in a lively community.”


Iboa, Uganda

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Palorinya Settlement


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