IsraAID training graduates pass the knowledge on in South Sudan

12 July, 2013

JUBA – This week, following 1 year of training with IsraAID, social workers from the Ministry of Gender and Social Development and Police have conducted their first ever Gender-Based Violence (GBV) training course for teachers.

IsraAID’s strategy in South Sudan is to ensure local ownership and sustainability. This is the reason why we are accompanying local service providers in their efforts to develop and implement their own initiatives to address GBV in Juba. In this respect, police and social workers that IsraAID has been training since 2012 are now conducting their own training programs for other service providers in Juba, thus spreading the messages and knowledge, and creating a multiplier effect over time.

On the 9th of July 2011, South Sudan became the world’s 194th country. Since then, the government and the international community have been engaged in building a country devastated by over 4 decades of civil wars and poverty. IsraAID arrived within 2 weeks of the independence, providing relief to neglected communities, and has since partnered with the Ministry of Gender and Social Development to develop the Ministry’s capacity to tackle GBV.

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