Some devastating effects are invisible

IsraAID protects communities, supporting them as they recover from emergencies and develop the capacity to prepare for future hazards.

After a crisis, it is not enough to merely deal with the urgent physical needs of affected populations. For a community to recover – and develop the capacity to withstand future disasters – it is vital to prioritize their mental, emotional, and social needs, both during an emergency and in the months and years that follow. IsraAID’s protection specialists focus on supporting community recovery and long-term resilience, using interactive methods such as visual arts, theater, and music and creating safe spaces for vulnerable people around the world.

IsraAID’s specific expertise includes mental health and psychosocial support, child protection, protection in emergencies, sexual and gender-based violence prevention and response, refugee support, and disaster risk reduction. IsraAID is committed to including the core values and methodologies of protection across its work, ensuring the human rights, safety, and dignity of vulnerable populations are respected and promoted.



People reached through mental health community theater programs in Nepal, 2016-2019


IsraAID Child-Friendly Spaces around the world


People reached directly in 2019 through Sexual & Gender-Based Violence prevention & response programs in South Sudan

"Our hope is to accompany communities as they recover — because in a place where it seems like you don’t have control over your life, the little things make all the difference.”

Anva Ratzon, IsraAID Protection Coordinator


“My first training was with 30 representatives of the health department: psychologists, psychiatrists, public servants, and community volunteers. We talked about mental strength, trauma, and its characteristics. We discussed the many needs that arise when you work with people who are left with nothing, and how to be accessible to them. They shared openly the difficulties they have found with meeting people who have lost so much face-to-face. These communities haven’t just lost physical possessions, but their sense of security. Many lost loved ones and no one prepared them for dealing with feelings of uncertainty and lack of control.”

Sivan Ayash

IsraAID Emergency Protection Specialist

Cyclone Idai Emergency Response - Mozambique


  • Inter-Agency Standing Committee MHPSS Working Groups
  • Child Protection Alliance

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