Health & Medical Care

Healthcare. With a special emphasis on care.

Working in communities affected by crisis, IsraAID’s medical and public health experts support community resilience by treating patients, providing specialist care, and building the capacities of medical systems.

Disasters and emergencies bring with them immediate and acute medical and health needs. IsraAID deploys medical teams to disaster zones, working both to treat patients in the short term and to assess long-term needs. After the immediate crisis, IsraAID’s health sector works to strengthen medical infrastructure and complement local medical capacities.

In the aftermath of a humanitarian crisis, the healthcare infrastructure in affected areas is usually stretched beyond capacity. IsraAID’s work in affected areas includes providing international experts to help meet medical gaps along with donating equipment when needed. Our teams often focus on public health, strengthening communities’ health systems and raising awareness of health issues.



People reached by IsraAID’s emergency medical team in Mozambique after Cyclone Idai


People served by hospitals we support in Kenya


Trained in 2019 in public health, menstrual hygiene, and psychosocial support at Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya

"This is about more than just distributing medication and providing treatment. I see how they’re suffering and they tell me their hopes and dreams. In the end, all of us are human beings.”

Dr. Kefah, Israeli doctor who spent several months working with IsraAID in Greece


IsraAID set up a mobile dental clinic at Kakuma Refugee Camp in 2018 to help treat refugees from South Sudan.

“Where I come from, you can’t remove [teeth] problems because there is war. There are no more hospitals. When I came here they told me there was a provider who could remove my bad teeth and I was so grateful. I couldn’t wait.”


South Sudan


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