The foundation of a community’s future

Expanding educational opportunities is vital for recovery after a crisis and can help transform affected communities. At IsraAID, we work to ensure vulnerable children can access education and to support education systems as they develop resilience and prepare for future disasters.

When disasters hit, education systems are always affected. In the immediate aftermath, schools often serve as temporary shelters for evacuees and any form of regular schooling is typically disrupted. Bringing children back to daily education is essential for their needs and for communities to rebuild; however, dealing with the impact of an emergency on students and staff members, and how to return them to school, are both short- and long-term challenges.

IsraAID’s global education work focuses on disaster risk reduction and psychosocial support within education systems. IsraAID also specializes in access to education following disasters, daily lessons, and informal education activities.



Young people in Mozambique will be reached by our psychosocial support in education program.


Of Schools in Dominica reached through our Safer Schools program.


People reached through our school safety and resilience program in Morelos, Mexico in 2019.

“It’s our job to ensure that the school community is supporting children in as many ways as possible as they transition back to a sense of normalcy.”

Jaclyn, Guidance Counselor in the Bahamas


Sasha is IsraAID Bahamas’ Digital Intern. She is deeply involved in IsraAID’s “Healthy Return to School Program,” aiming to ease the transition back to school amid the COIVD-19 pandemic by distributing hygiene products and personal protective equipment to local schools

“Returning to school represents so much more than mathematics, spelling and reading. It also allows children, parents, teachers, and communities to come back together, to learn and grow.”

Sasha Pinder

The Bahamas


  • Global Alliance for Disaster Risk Reduction in Education Systems
  • Global Education Cluster
  • Plethora

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