International Humanitarian Professionals Network

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The Humanitarian Professionals Network is an international collective concerned with local and global humanitarian aid and IsraAID’s recovery work across the globe. Members receive briefings and trainings on humanitarian relief, international development, and disaster response topics from IsraAID experts.

In Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, the IHPN has reached over 1,200 people through in-person and online lectures. A number of members have been deployed short-term to IsraAID’s field missions worldwide.

IHPN members receive exclusive briefings and trainings on humanitarian aid, international development, and disaster relief from IsraAID’s expert practitioners. Members of this active network are leaders, volunteers, and professionals in the medical, dental, mental health, engineering, and other sectors who are passionate about humanitarian issues and want to make a difference with IsraAID.

Gain Knowledge: Increase your understanding of the humanitarian aid landscape, disaster preparedness, and related topics.

Be Prepared: Understand how to respond to disasters. Gain access to expert trainings, briefings, and workshops from IsraAID experts from the ground.

Network: Make connections with like-minded professionals committed to making an impact.

Volunteer: Learn about deployment opportunities with IsraAID.


“Last year, I deployed to Kenya’s Kakuma refugee camp for a medical mission with IsraAID. We experienced many scenarios we never would have encountered in the US. One night we treated a baby who was born in respiratory distress. No physician was at the hospital at that hour, and the nurse on duty had so many sick patients she couldn’t care for the newborn. It was sobering to see how resource-strapped the Kakuma hospitals are. I plan to return to Kakuma, to reinforce the life-changing perspective I gained and to once again fill the urgent gaps in care. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done — and I can’t wait to do it again.”

Dr. Michelle Sandberg

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