World Humanitarian Day: What we commit to #NoMatterWhat

This World Humanitarian Day, we honor the people who devote their lives to the service of others, #NoMatterWhat. Supporting vulnerable communities requires so many people in different roles. What binds them all together is their commitment to helping communities rebuild, become more resilient, and overcome the challenges facing them.

This World Humanitarian Day, under the hashtag #NoMatterWhat, we asked members of our global staff what they’re committed to. Here’s what they had to say:

Wilfredo Quiix, Protection Facilitator IsraAID Guatemala:

“#NoMatterWhat, IsraAID Guatemala commits to the protection of children and creating safe community spaces. These space spaces not only guarantee the fundamental rights of children, but also act as a shield against violence, promote the healthy development of children, tackle challenges like school dropout, and provide a refuge where children can learn about their rights and grow in an environment that empowers them.”

Johnson Nguyaniet, Reproductive Health Officer IsraAID South Sudan

“#NoMatterWhat, I am committed to providing Sexual Reproductive Health information to IDP communities to ensure that every individual has access and can make informed decisions about their own sexual reproductive health and rights on family planning, contraception, safe pregnancy, childbirth, and prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted infections. #NoMatterWhat challenges arise, I will continue to render my services in times of emergency to support people affected by crises and make a difference in their lives, especially women and girls.”

Camila Yedid, Finance Officer IsraAID HQ

“I am the Finance Officer in Emergencies at IsraAID. I am committed to using our funds responsibly for both our communities and donors, because I believe that this is the way to ensure efficient and impactful humanitarian assistance, #NoMatterWhat.”

Martha Nyakur, Protection Officer IsraAID South Sudan

“#NoMatterWhat, I am committed to providing Gender-Based Violence services to survivors including people with disabilities in IDP camps to ensure that every individual, regardless of gender, is protected from violence and receives the necessary support to heal from post-trauma and rebuild their lives. No matter the difficulties, creating a safe environment, providing holistic support to survivors, engaging community leaders and other stakeholders to strengthen systems, and advocating for policies that protect each individual from Gender-Based Violence is my responsibility.”

Alex Khavin, Safety and Security Officer IsraAID Ukraine:

“I am committed to ensuring the safety of the Ukrainian mission team at all times, as they continue their important work during this time of conflict, #NoMatterWhat”

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