A Light Unto The Nations Once More? The renaissance in Israel’s international development assistance programme

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July 17, 2018

IsraAID's Ophelie Namiech writes with Dr Aliza Inbal for Fathom Journal.

"Israel was once a world leader in development assistance and a model for African states to follow. There are signs it can become both again, with the explosion of new Israeli development actors and programmes. A new vision is emerging: government, the private sector and civil society joining forces to harness Israel’s innovative capacity. Exciting projects from the Israeli private sector’s in agriculture, water, healthcare and energy – such as the company Gigawatt Global’s construction of the largest commercial solar field in East Africa; or from NGOs such as IsraAID leading emergency responses worldwide or Nala that works to prevent the spread of neglected tropical diseases, are showing us the future. These are the claims of Dr Aliza Inbal, a leading Israeli expert in international development and Director of the Pears Programme for Global Innovation, and Ophelie Namiech, Senior Director of Organisational Learning and Training at IsraAID, the largest Israeli NGO for humanitarian aid and international development."

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