14 May, 2016

IsraAID is delighted to host Oscar winning actress Susan Sarandon in the opening of IsraAID’s new psychosocial support program for refugees in Berlin. / Sarandon, arriving directly from the Cannes Film Festival, visited the Rathaus Wilmersdorf refugee shelter in the city where IsraAID therapists and social workers are on the ground providing training, care and support./ Sarandon met with local volunteers, attended a women’s group session and opened a new table tennis room in the shelter generously donated by Stiga and supported by Sarandon’s Ping Pong franchise, Spin./ Sarandon had been active in raising awareness and responding to the European refugee crisis. Leisure and play activities such as table tennis provide much needed stress relief for refugee children and youth, and of course, much needed enjoyment.

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27 July, 2021

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19 July, 2021

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23 June, 2019

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The Global Displacement Crisis is one of the world’s most pressing humanitarian disasters. 70.8 million people are currently living through forced displacement. 25.9 million of them are refugees — people who have crossed a border seeking safety — and 3.5 million are asylum seekers....

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