IsraAID’s 2022 Top Photographs & Highlights

29 December, 2022

In a year that saw war, drought, flooding, displacement, and so many more pressing humanitarian crises all over the world, we are taking a moment at the end of the year to remember where we worked, who we met, and what impact we’ve had – together.

As we look forward to 2023, we are excited to work with so many communities recovering from crises, building back stronger than before as individuals and together. By donating to the IsraAID Emergency Fund, you can make sure we have maximum impact as fast as possible in 2023, no matter where, when, or what the crisis is.

These top 10 highlights and photos give just a taste of what your support has made possible in 2022:

IsraAID’s Top Photographs of 2022


KENYA: Facing drought, Turkana communities are forced to dig every day in often-contaminated sources for water

MOLDOVA: Over half a million Ukrainians have crossed into Moldova in search of safety

DOMINICA: Preparing children, schools, and caregivers on what to do in an emergency is essential for many island nations

THE PHILIPPINES: Communities across the country faced a double emergency of Typhoon Megi and Super Typhoon Rai

MOZAMBIQUE: Training local facilitators before opening a new Child Friendly Space in an Internally Displaced Person camp

COLOMBIA: We work with some of the most remote indigenous communities to provide access to safe drinking water

MOLDOVA: Around 89% of Ukrainians who crossed into Moldova are women and children

KENYA: Nancy, an IsraAID Outreach Worker in Kakuma, supports her own community every day

USA: After Hurricane Ian, IsraAID volunteers traveled to Florida to support families in need

ROMANIA: IsraAID’s humanitarian hub in Romania has delivered 2.2 million KG of essential aid to Ukraine




IsraAID’s Top Highlights of 2022


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