International Women’s Day 2022: IsraAID Global

7 March, 2022

IsraAID Global Staff

This year, to celebrate International Women’s Day, we asked IsraAID staff, volunteers, and people from the communities they work within, “What do you want to tell the world?”

People across the world shared their experiences, their hopes, and their joys about being, knowing, and supporting incredible women.

Norly Marango, first female WASH Community Moblizier, IsraAID Vanuatu

“I am happy to represent women in WASH and I see myself as a role model to empower women in communities. Not only men can do this job, having women involved promotes sustainability. It is vital to have women’s input in every WASH project design as it is women who collect and manage water every day for their families.”

Adi, Shlomit, Kym, Tali and Tanya, IsraAID’s Global HR Team

“Our day-to-day is all about people and we are so proud to work alongside such an inspiring global group of individuals. We are mostly proud this day to celebrate the talented, strong, funny, and resourceful women leading this organization to its future. Did you know 72% of IsraAID staff are women? — and not only women – the best, most professional women you will ever get to know! THIS is a reason for a real celebration!

‘To strong women! may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them. Girls with dreams become women with vision…’ ”

Beatrice Moses, Community Facilitator, IsraAID Vanuatu

“ As we celebrate International Women’s Day, it’s my pleasure that children are respected and enjoy equal rights like others. I am also glad that women are able to participate in community decision-making.

Gladys Montenegro, Program Manager, IsraAID Philippines

“As we celebrate the month of women, I wish to see not only men fighting for their rights, or standing for their families. There are women in our communities who are empowered, more resilient, more emphatic, more compassionate and more than just a bearer of life. Women can make a change. Hail to all the women, who continue to fight and lead. Padayon Kababaihan! (Filipino word which means Carry on Women in English)”.

Veronica Mukati, Program Manager, IsraAID Kenya

“We do great things to support the community. We are strong. We have resilience within us, we bounce back within even the hardest of situations. For all women around the world who are striving to make the world a better place, Happy International Women’s Day.”

Nicole King, Country Director, IsraAID Dominica

“You have to see it to be it! Women have historically been underrepresented and invisible in many fields thus creating a gap that limits other women to dream and to access those spaces. But we must remember that it’s not possible to talk about representation if we don’t ensure that the real diversity of women is represented. That we include an intersectional approach and not forget that the discussion should also be about race, disabilities, religions, cultures, sexual orientation, socio-economic positions, etc. Diverse women in development, particularly in leadership positions or in areas that have been historically considered as masculine (STEM), are creating a path for new generations to see that it is an option to be there, that diverse women also belong in development.”

Lillian Moses, an active member of IsraAID Wisdom Center in Gurei, South Sudan

“From the time women were given their rights, this is the day women started knowing that they are equal to men and they can do everything that a man can in the community. International Women’s Day has given women a big opportunity to express themselves in any social gathering and participate in leadership.”

Chavonda Smith, Community Center Administrator, IsraAID Bahamas

“I want to tell women all over the world to reshape our own perception of how we view ourselves, and step up as women and take the lead.”

Magret Ramone, Cleaner and Office Support, IsraAID Vanuatu

“I believe that women are special. We are the ‘canoe outriggers’ for our families and communities – we balance and stabilize the body of the canoe.”

Richard Carmona, Livelihood Advisor, IsraAID Colombia

“How beautiful it is to have women by our side. They are the ones who give meaning to our lives and are the motivation to move forward. They are special beings in being chosen by God for the creation of life.”

Nancy Merida, School Teacher partnering with IsraAID Guatemala

“If you don’t try, you’ll never know if you’re capable.”

Alex Musili, Country Director, IsraAID South Sudan

“I want to tell the whole world that it’s very important to support women because when you support women, you support everybody in the room, in the household. What happens in the household – in the household, if there is peace, there is also going to be peace within the community, in the village, and in the whole world.”

Sasha Pinder, Logistics and Security Officer, IsraAID Bahamas

“I am grateful to be a woman. I must have done something great in my other life to be blessed with the honor of being a woman, in this one. Humanity literally rests on our shoulders and there is no world without us. Where there is a woman, there is magic.”

Esborn K, CFS Security Officer, IsraAID Uganda

“I am happy today because the people of the world are celebrating International Women’s Day, in recognition of the contributions of around the world. Women’s rights should be a priority for the good of our community because women play a big role in the growth and development of families, making them a gift to this world.”

Valarie Seymour, Community Center Project Manager, IsraAID Bahamas

“I trust that as we celebrate women on March 8 that women and men will choose to speak up against the gender bias that we experience in our homes, jobs, and places of government. So that we may give women their true place as equal in the world.”

Rosina Lapi, Protection Officer, IsraAID Vanuatu

“As a woman living with disabilities, I cannot do everything, but there are many things that I can do. Please do not look at my disability but look at my ability.”

Gloria Baako, Finance and Administration Assistant, IsraAID Uganda

“As we celebrate International Women’s Day, I’m excited to see how women have been empowered to be independent, allowed to participate in politics, like the former speaker of the parliament of Uganda.”

Shir Hefer, Finance Officer, IsraAID HQ

“International Women’s Day is an occasion to celebrate the progress made towards achieving gender equality and women’s empowerment. I am proud to work in IsraAID. Not only that it puts women and girls in its top priority within the communities we work with, but also practices these values within our workspace, where women are the majority, and the importance of balancing work and personal achievements is emphasized frequently.”

Karina Garcia, Area Manager, IsraAID Colombia

“I believe that what we do is the tangible essence of what we are. Through my work, I promote the empowerment of others, and I like to think of myself as an example of that. I have had the opportunity to meet strong and resilient women; those who dream and work to live in an equitable and safe place for themselves and their own; who despite losing everything or living in the midst of difficulties are able to cling to life. Seeing the empowerment and transformation of these women empowers me and makes me believe and reaffirm what I do.

Letty Rose Emmis, Social Development Student & MHPSS Volunteer, IsraAID Vanuatu

“It is my dream that one day I will help women in communities to understand their different roles and live happily; that they have the right to make healthy choices for their families and know that they are strong and unique in their own ways.”

Randy, active member of IsraAID South Sudan’s Women and Girl Friendly Space in Jondoru

“International Women’s Day is the day that women officially got their freedom in the society to compete equally with men, even in political positions. Women now know the importance of a world free of discrimination. Fighting against discrimination is the number one action for everyone. Let’s celebrate the social, economic, and political achievement of women.”

Norelle Coakley, Education Specialist, IsraAID Bahamas

“When I think of the women of my community two words come to mind: resilience and tenacity. The Bahamian woman went through a lot of hardship for the sake of her family. Some of our mothers, grandmothers, and great grandmothers, had to work two or three jobs just to make ends meet and to ensure that their children have the best opportunities that are available to them. When I think of my Bahamian women a poem by Maya Angelou comes to mind, “Still I Rise”. One of the verses from the poem states:

Out of the huts of history’s shame
I rise
Up from a past that’s rooted in pain
I rise
I’m a black ocean, leaping and wide,
Welling and swelling I bear in the tide.

This poem embodies the Bahamian women. No matter what we may go through we always rise.

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