Venezuelan Displacement Crisis

Protecting the most vulnerable

More than 5.4 million Venezuelans have fled the ongoing instability and economic crisis in their home country. This is one of the fastest-growing humanitarian crises in the world today. 1.76 million are now in neighboring Colombia, with up to 5,000 people crossing the border every day.

IsraAID began its initial work in Colombia in May 2019, distributing urgent relief items to new arrivals in the border city of Cúcuta before launching long-term activities in Barranquilla, where few international organizations had launched activities. In Barranquilla, IsraAID has focused on supporting children unable to access formal education. Up to 80% of Venezuelan children in Barranquilla are out of school.

IsraAID’s two Child-Friendly Spaces, in partnership with local communities, provide daily activities, education, and protection support to Venezuelan and Colombian children. Many local Colombians are themselves either Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) or returned refugees whose families were displaced during the country’s long civil conflict. Activities at both centers are facilitated by community members trained by IsraAID’s child protection professionals.


 “I am a Venezuelan woman. A mother, a wife, a daughter. As part of IsraAID’s team, I am working with Venezuelan kids and Colombian returnee kids. I feel more and more empowered, more and more secure that together we can create social change in the world through the Venezuelan experience.”

Elsie Ruiz

Barranquilla, Colombia

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