Repairing Roofs


On 18 September 2017, Hurricane Maria hit the Caribbean island nation of Dominica with winds of up to 160 mph. As a result of the storm, 90% of buildings lost their roofs, and much infrastructure was damaged, leaving homes, roads, and businesses devastated.

With over 30 fatalities and the island’s entire infrastructure – homes, agriculture, electricity, and water supplies – destroyed, IsraAID partnered with other international organizations to repair the roofs of more than 100 vulnerable families in the southeastern part of Dominica, together with local community volunteers.

Schools were used in the immediate aftermath as shelters for families whose homes were destroyed, so they were not available to be used as schools. It was important that students attending school in these communities were able to return home to a safe, resilient house, and that schools could be reopened, so homes in those areas were prioritized.


“At the age of 63, I have witnessed three major hurricanes in my lifetime, but this was worse. I’m a farmer, but I’ve been forced to put my construction skills back into practice. We can’t wait for anyone to come and help, we need to help ourselves. I used the remaining materials from my destroyed house to construct a small shed to live. Thanks to help from IsraAID, I have a dry place to rest my head tonight.”


La Plaine, Dominica

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Repairing Roofs


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