Afghan Refugees in Albania

Meeting refugees in the middle of their journey

IsraAID is supporting hundreds of Afghan women, men and children in Albania with trauma support, language classes, and self-care techniques as they make plans for their permanent resettlement.

After the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan in August, 2021, IsraAID collaborated with activists and governments to facilitate the evacuation of 167 vulnerable Afghans. They arrived in Albania in October, joining some 650 Afghans staying in Kolaveri, a resort on Albania’s west coast functioning as an emergency shelter.

After helping to facilitate the evacuation of these vulnerable Afghans, IsraAID is now supporting them and some 650 others long-term while they await permanent resettlement.

IsraAID is supporting Afghan community leaders to establish committees in Kolaveri, so that they can implement services and liaise with the resort management directly, which helps to preserve autonomy and independence. The committees include Resort Services and Security; Protection; Education; and Health.


J* is a former parliamentary aid who played a crucial role in the second evacuation of 125 people, helping deliver passports for many, including himself. Once boarding the plane from Afghanistan, there was only one word to describe how he felt: thankful.

While he applies for approval to continue to Canada, J* is helping his fellow refugees in Albania access essential services while they wait – with no idea how long they will be waiting for – to be resettled elsewhere.

“You can go from being a parliamentary aid to a refugee in just a matter of days.”


Afghan refugee in Albania

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Afghan Refugees in Albania


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