map of Jordan

We are helping meet the overwhelming humanitarian needs of Syrian refugees living in camps throughout Jordan.

Since the civil conflict in Syria began in 2011 it has emerged as one of the world’s largest humanitarian crises, with over 4 million displaced within Syria and more than 2 million refugees fleeing the violence into neighboring countries. Currently there are over 500,000 refugees in Jordan, with 3,000 crossing every day.


Population of Syria
UN Conflict Death Toll
Humanitarian Assistance Needed for
6.8 million people
Internally Displaced People
4.25 million
Population that fled Syria
>2 million
Total registered refugees
>1 million
Population of Jordan
Refugee population
Population of Women/children

IsraAID and Jordan

Our first team arrived in Jordan in June 2013, and began distributing emergency supplies and hygiene kits. Since then, reoccurring missions have only highlighted the overwhelming needs on the ground, and we are striving to meet them.

We are also conducting needs assessments on the need for trauma assistance, and the support of child friendly spaces / women shelters.

Our Projects


Emergency Humanitarian Aid

Providing immediate relief to the Syrian refugees in Jordan

As the refugee camps in Jordan swell, and the needs for short and long-term support are increasing, IsraAID continues to provide emergency family packages. Each package is enough for one family of 6 – 8 people for one month and includes:

  • Food Items: sugar, rice, powdered milk, beans, cans of tuna, tomato paste, lentils, soups, cheese, pasta and tea. 
  • Non-food Items: Blankets, clothes, mattresses, cooking utensils.

The needs of the refugees are overwhelming, and the UNHCR alone has yet to meet more than 40% of its budget estimate for the crisis. 


  • Coordinate the distribution of needed items to the refugees in the camps by working in collaboration with local government officials and NGOs


  • Over 10 tons of aid distributed
  • More than 7,000 people assisted.