IsraAID Humanitarian Professionals Network Application

Are You Interested In Global Humanitarian Response and International Development?

The IsraAID Humanitarian Professionals Network (IHPN) program creates a select and exclusive network of high caliber professionals with an interest in humanitarian aid and international development. This network engages, recruits, and trains relevant professionals, such as physicians, nurses, mental health professionals, expressive arts therapists, water engineers, media and communications specialists, and general program managers.

Members of IHPN have a unique opportunity to become part of a select network and help raise awareness about man-made and natural humanitarian disasters, catalyze change for vulnerable global populations around the world, apply professional skills on IsraAID missions worldwide, and experience the knowhow to respond to local disasters.

Become A Member of IHPN

IHPN members will have a unique opportunity to participate in IsraAID’s mission of providing lifesaving emergency relief and longer-term, sustainable solutions for populations affected by natural disasters, epidemics, and post-conflict situations.

To date, IsraAID has worked with more than two million people in 46 countries. Members of IHPN will be invited to exclusive IsraAID-briefings, receive humanitarian training, participate in professional enrichment programs with top IsraAID experts, and be invited to deploy with Israeli professional teams on IsraAID missions.

Professionals We’re Recruiting:

We are recruiting professionals from the following professions:

Note: Please contact us directly if your profession is not listed.

  1. Health Professionals
    1. M.D./D.O.’s
    2. Dentists
    3. Nurses
    4. Public Health Experts
    5. Other Medical Specialists
  2. Mental Health Experts
    1. Psychologists
    2. Social Workers
    3. Expressive Arts Therapists
    4. Behavioral Therapists
    5. Other Mental Health Specialists
  3. Engineers
    1. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Experts
    2. Water; Environmental; and Civic Engineers
  4. Respondents: Debris Removal and Clean-Up
    1. Volunteers to aid in coordinating clean-up efforts after a natural disaster (assessments, debris removal, muck-outs, rebuilding, etc).
    2. Click here to apply to be an IsraAID Respondent.

Who Is This For?

IHPN Members are leaders and professionals who are passionate about humanitarian issues and interested in working together to support IsraAID’s efforts domestically and around the world.

Professional Development Training

The curriculum will include specialized training in technical sectors and general training in  disaster relief management and humanitarian aid. The courses are taught by experts who are working or have worked on IsraAID missions. The curriculum includes the essential principles and skills required to assess and manage challenges in extreme disaster settings. Members of HPN will be part of a network meeting regularly starting in the winter of 2018.

Course Content

The IHPN curriculum is written in-house by IsraAID professionals with ongoing evidence-based research and review. The curriculum is comprehensive and utilized by the IsraAID teams, worldwide. Materials reflect IsraAID’s highly regarded humanitarian approach, known for its effectiveness, relevance, and Israeli ingenuity. Curriculum goes beyond typical urban or remote first response medical training. Capacity building topics include:

Psychological First Aid (PFA); Emergency Medical Response During and After Disasters; Dental Response During a Humanitarian Crisis; Methods and Techniques to Reduce PTSD and Build Resilience Post-Trauma Mental Health Methods; Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Solutions;  Emergency Response 101: Intro to Responding to Emergency Natural and Man Made Disasters; Disaster Risk Reduction and Preparedness; Ethical Photography and Communications During Humanitarian Crises; Women’s Empowerment and Livelihood Programs; Gender Based Violence Prevention; Post Traumatic Growth; Self-Care in Disaster Settings/Situations; and Physical, Cultural, and Emotional Challenges and Support of Refugee Communities.

How Do I Join?

Note: IHPN is currently being launched in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The eligibility criteria is as follows:

  • Graduate degree in one of the field relevant professions engaged by IsraAID worldwide including Public Health, Health/Medicine, Engineering, Psychology/ Mental Health, Engineering, etc.
  • Availability to attend 75% of the regularly scheduled professional development sessions
  • Motivation to be part of a unique global humanitarian network

Annual Membership Costs

The annual membership fee is $180, which is a tax-deductible donation to IsraAID.

Member Benefits

Additional membership benefits include:

  • Access to invitation-only IsraAID networking events
  • Official IsraAID T-Shirt
  • A professional development training program in disaster relief management
  • Be a part of an active professional peer network
  • Access to exclusive IsraAID updates, reports, knowledge, expertise, and relationships worldwide
  • A chance to raise-awareness about global humanitarian issues, and Israel's leading role in this field
  • Access to a platform with case studies and a library of information
  • Opportunities to join an IsraAID US or international, emergency relief or international development mission
  • Exclusive access to the IsraAID e-newsletter to learn more about the most up-to-date humanitarian and emergency response news AND existing IsraAID programs and how you are making a difference

Why I'm a Part of IHPN

Dr. Lior Tamir

”I decided to work on a project with IsraAID because I believe that true happiness and prosperity can better be accomplished by helping those in need. IsraAID is the organization that provides aid to those most in need at the most critical times. This project helped me grow both personally and professionally and I look forward to many more projects with the organization.”

Dr. Lior Tamir - Dentist & Founder, Bloom Dental Group

Danielle Kamis

“I joined IsraAID in order to continue my passion for global mental health outreach in Latin America and had the opportunity to work as part of the psychosocial treatment team in Cuernavaca, Mexico following the deadly earthquake in September 2017. My focus with IsraAID during this mission was to improve community capacity development in Mexico.”

Danielle Kamis, 4th year Psychiatry Resident at Stanford University

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IHPN will officially launch in early 2019. Applications will be accepted until November 30, 2018.

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